As you’re considering orthodontic treatment, you may find there are multiple options to choose from. Each has their own pros and cons, so how can you choose which one is best for you? This can depend on your specific situation and the results you’re hoping to achieve. In this article, we’ll explore what is unique about invisalign to help you make a better informed decision on which option is right for you.

The Latest Advancements in Orthodontics

When you’re looking for the latest advancements in orthodontics, invisalign is a great option to consider. Invisalign was first available to orthodontic patients in the United States in 1999, so it is a lot newer than braces, and has continued to make advancements using the most recent technology available such as digital x-rays, mapping and modeling.

Invisalign aligners also continue to grow in popularity thanks to their unobtrusive design, comfort and ease of use as a result of these advancements.

Invisible Braces

You might have heard invisalign referred to before as “invisible braces.” This isn’t exactly an accurate description of what invisalign is, but it’s close. What is unique about invisalign aligners is that they are made of clear, BPA-free plastic that fits over your teeth like a sports guard so they can go unnoticed. They are also removable, unlike metal braces, so you can take them off briefly if needed. This makes them a popular choice for actors, models and others who may need to appear in front of a camera and not want their orthodontic device to be seen.

Comfort is Key

If comfort is important to you, it’s important to know that what is unique about invisalign is there are no uncomfortable metal brackets, no wires that can become loose or poke you, and no rough edges that may irritate sensitive cheeks or lips. Invisalign aligners are made entirely of clear smooth plastic which greatly increases their comfort level above that of traditional braces for many patients.

No Diet Restrictions

Another reason you may choose invisalign over traditional braces is that they require no diet restrictions. What is unique about invisalign compared to braces is that you remove them to eat which means that you won’t have to give up your favorite sticky or crunchy foods during your orthodontic treatment!

Talk to Your Dentist or Orthodontist

Ultimately, there are many advantages to invisalign, but there are still times when traditional braces might be a better option due to the age of the patient or the results desired. Children may not be eligible to use invisalign aligners until all of their adult teeth have come in. Invisalign may not be right for some children or teens because they need to be worn 22 hours a day which requires a higher incidence of patient compliance. Something that can be difficult with patients who may not wish to cooperate with the long time spent wearing invisalign. Traditional braces can also be an important treatment option for some conditions that are more complicated to treat.

If you’re wanting to know more about what is unique about invisalign and if it’s right for you, make an appointment for an exam to assess your situation and talk to your dentist or orthodontist about what’s important to you and your specific goals with orthodontic treatment.

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